The Village Meeting


As part of a strategic effort for information sharing and exchange to improve professional competence and contribute to the country’s GDP, TVMA has forged (and is open to working) with a number of partners, enterprises, and individuals in the country.


The African Cultural Renaissance and the Plan of Action on Cultural and Creative Industries are aligned with TVMA events. The brand’s aims and goals include highlighting the brand’s youthful and ever-growing Cultural and Creative Industry and thus contributing to the growth of the creative economy through the promotion of African creatives and music talents.

TVMA’s goal is to collaborate with Nigerian artists and other creatives to inspire young people and policymakers to promote virtues, education, and other social advantages.

It is recognised by stakeholders in the African creative sector that the growth of African creatives across the continent is one of the most powerful tools for economic development for the youth now, and it will only achieve its full potential if all stakeholders interact and seize opportunities for collaboration.


1. A beneficial brand association and positive perception
2. Massive awareness of your brand to a large number of vibrant and youthful population.
3. Category exclusivity guaranteed
4. Gain the competitive edge to increase the sense of affinity, incidence of patronage and deepen brand loyalty
5. To be a part of thousands of participants and followers of the growing African creatives.
6. Rights of first refusal for the next edition.

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